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Boundaries : Loving Others To Grow

From Selfishness To Selflessness like Jesus. Balanced way of life and love ; if you don’t stop lying down like a bridge people will not stop walking over you to get to their selfish destination. Don’t blame them. When we allow people to abuse us , disrespect us, take advantage of us , use us, if not for the sake of the Gospel there is no blessing in it . It is the same as condoning the sinful behavior. People with no mental , emotional and relational boundaries are never respected by their abusers and users. They will continue that selfish sinful ways with you because you are not doing anything about it. True love is tough love . Love has two faces like a coin , the soft side and the tough side. That is healthy balanced love. Being nice is not always nice , but being right is always right. Jesus was not a nice man nor a good man . He was the Right man ; He did what was right at the right time, not what was nice at that time. He was not nice when he removed his belt at the temple to whip the sinners, but He was right , doing the right thing at the right time . When we continue to allow people to abuse us , use us, disrespect us , walk over us without setting boundaries, nor correcting them in love, we become equally responsible for their sinful behavior. We become their accomplice. Therefore , at some point we cannot continue to blame the abusers . Good to say: “You use and take advantage of me once , shame on you ; but use and take advantage of me again, twice , thrice and more , shame on me. It’s not your fault , it is my fault then . I have a problem with boundaries. ” I mismanaged my life, time , money and resources for no reward. We become the accomplice and co conspirator of evil deeds if we do nothing . Evil persist because good men do nothing and condone the evil with silence. If we don’t restructure or set emotional and mental boundaries with ourselves we will not be able to do it externally with others . At times people will treat you according to the way they perceive you to be and what you allow them to be and to do in your life. May God help us to live like Jesus, He loved with boundaries because He truly cared and loved people to grow in character to become like Him. Holy Spirit , please help us to love right and do the right thing at the right place and at the right time . Amen ! This personal reflection has helped to decide to love right and hope it helps you too.

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