Sgt Obrien

“I came back from the Iraq War and was suffering from severe PTSD . I was in diverse kind of medication but could not see results . Glad I found you ! You helped me understand i needed medication in combination with therapy , exercise , healthy nutrition, deliverance and spiritual meditation. I like the way you look at all aspects of my life to help me heal develop to be a whole person.”

Lucy O

“I did not know what was been wrong with for the longest time. I would have these demonic dreams men sleeping with me . I was depressed all the time, hated my self, , anxious all the time , could not work , dropped out my doctoral program . No medication could help me; my previous therapist for 5 years could help me much . Thank God I found you; you led me through deliverance , forgiveness, broke off toxic relationships ; now I am free from these demons. I can sleep, focus at work and enjoy life.”

J. B.

“I am famous TV personality in NYC, behind the show, make up , success, fame and popularity I was severely depressed, hated myself and wanted to kill myself many times; but I was never successful. I struggled with eating disorders for many years. I drunk and used drugs to numb the emotional pain rejection from men and divorce. As an actress it was difficult for me to step out ,but I found your office in NJ which gave me late hours and protected my confidentiality. The unconditional acceptance , care helped me to heal . I have never had anyone made me feel so special and l just treat me just as I am. I know I am have not completed this journey yet, but I am happy with myself. My journal is turning into a book to help others”.

Marian F

“I was on medication for a very long time saw many therapist for ten years ,but I could not get any relief. I wanted to die . In therapy, I realized I have repressed childhood ritualistic sexual abuse. I did deliverance counseling with you . Now the sexual dreams have stopped and I can enjoy sex with my husband without difficulty”

Pastor Brian H.

“I was a very lonely pastor, depressed, waiting to quit the ministry . My marriage and church was falling apart; a pastor friend referred me here. My therapist recommended I take medication in combination with therapy . I am now doing well , vibrant active . I found the joy of the Lord back and cab preach with fire ! Glory be to God !”

Kate K

“Oh Lord! I remember when I came to see you I was overweight , depressed , insecure , anxious all the time driving on the highway . You helped me deal with childhood sexual stuff , forgave my father and the men that used me for sex . You worked with my nutritionist and PCP . You encouraged me to exercise , challenged to unfriend food. I am now eating healthy lost significant weight. I look like million dollar baby lol I am experiencing a new me !!! I love me !!! “

Marian S

“I went through a very difficult time of depression but my family and church did not understand me . They told me I was in sin and did not have much faith I was very lonely and thought of suicide often . Thank God I found a this ministry online; my therapist helped me work through church sexual abuse fueling this depression . I am now free . I am pursuing a masters degree in counseling to be a Christian counselor to help others.”

Frank A

“My marriage was heading towards a painful divorce. I cannot find the words to thank you enough Dr. B. You have been an angel to me . You listened to my dirty past I have never shared with anyone and never judged me. I felt safe and had the courage to heal with you. I know I have been called into ministry but I have struggled through my whole life with depression and fear. I could not speak in front of people, insecure , low self esteem. etc I always knew something happened in my childhood . I realized I blamed myself for the divorce of my parents and now I was going to suffer the same. Thank you I’m free now coming to therapy was not easy but you encouraged me not to give up; I know the journey is not completed yet but I feel great ; with help and God’s help I’m gonna be ok. I have fallen in love with my beautiful wife again”

George K. ( CEO)

My business was falling apart, my marriage was falling apart, I just escaped into work , drugs and alcohol, and abandoned my family and wife. My wife divorced me and my children did not want to anything to do with me. I am glad I cam across your website . With your counseling and coaching you have helped me put my business on tract and restored my family. You changed my life and family! I have felt a peace and joy I have never felt in my life ! Thank you

Samuel K

“I was bound by Pornography and homosexuality . I felt dirty, shameful all the time . The secret life pushed me into depression and I used porn and alcohol as escape; just to numb the pain. The more I slept around, the emptier I became . I often thought of ending my life , but thank God I found you; I have been in therapy for 6 months now working through the abandonment of my father . I have forgiven him and can receive the love of my real Father God”

Jose B.

“I came out of jail not long ago. I have always had anger problem gotten into lot of fights because I put my anger on other people. I abused my wife and used to drink like a fish . After I came out of jail I decided to put my life back on track; my counselor helped me work through the root cause of my anger; my uncle that raped me as a child . I have forgiven him I no longer drink, I go to church with my wife and treat her with true love and respect” Thank you I am free my marriage is restored”

Pedro A.

After 3 months of marriage we thought we made a mistake and were considering divorce. I have been looking for a Spanish therapist for the longest time. I finally found one that can relate to my wife’s culture. Our counselor helped me understand the cultural differences that was causing our marital conflicts. Now, I don’t get angry when her family wants to come over often I am really enjoying my wife and family now. As a Hispanic man it was difficult for me to come to therapy, but was the best decision I made in my life. Thank you Dr. B !

Maria R.

“Right out of college I did not know whether counseling is a ministry or business . You helped , supervised me how to incorporate , deal with managed care , self care . Thank you Dr. B because you I have my own successful practice now”


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